sur demande expresse de forcage

sur demande expresse de forcage

Huawei will operate from the innovation district of Medellín

22 de March de 2017

When the Ruta N Complex opened in May of 2012, few imagined what it would become four years later: the operational center of more than 150 national and international companies to which today we add Huawei, one of the most important technology companies in the world.

The Chinese multinational announced its arrival to Medellin´s Innovation District, from which it will seek to contribute to the city’s goal of becoming a global hub for innovation.

On the seventh floor of Tower C of the Ruta N Complex, Huawei will have a service center where more than 100 experts will work to provide specialized solutions. In this way it will come to be a part of the 152 companies from 23 countries already operating in the Ruta N Complex, which generate more than 2,500 jobs.

“Medellin is a benchmark and a key market for us, because of its importance in the region and because of the initiatives it is developing in ICT and innovation. Once in Ruta N, we hope to stimulate industry growth and generate greater benefits for the city,” said Xiong Yihui, president of Huawei Colombia.

The arrival of Huawei to Ruta N represents a vote of confidence to the ecosystem of the paisa capital and can motivate other multinationals and international companies to think of this city as a platform for their expansion and operations in Latin America.

“Having Huawei in Ruta N builds confidence for attracting other companies, and it also promotes Exchange in the areas of technology, knowledge, and culture. It is a great milestone; it is very important and motivates us to continue working on the development of our district and of the city,” said Alejandro Franco, director of Ruta N.

On innovation, Huawei stands out as one of the world leaders, with investments of over 38 billion dollars over the past 10 years, representing 15% of its revenue, and as the company that generates the most patents in the world, according to figures from the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO.


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