sur demande expresse de forcage

sur demande expresse de forcage

Status: Active

Open House
We create a place to hook up to the entrepreneurship and innovation the city offers.

Addressed to:
Businessmen and entrepreneurs


If you have a project with potential or just want to know how Ruta N and the various entities of the innovation ecosystem can help you, we have devised a place to link you to the city’s offer of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Ruta N Open House is a free and open space where businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and citizens can learn of the programs, invitations, and initiatives that Ruta N and its allies develop.


In the #OpenHouseRutaN you may do the following:
Connect with the city and its offer of innovation and entrepreneurship, all the while making friends and even doing business.
Find guidance or information on business models, product development, financing or internationalization.
Get acquainted with the work of Ruta N and other entities of the Regional Innovation System.
The next Open House will be held on Monday, March 27. To attend you need to do the following:
Fill out the online form to expedite your entrance to the event.
Remember that this space is completely free.
Share this message with your friends, family, and acquaintances, so that they can also be linked to the innovation ecosystem of Medellín.
*The character of this meeting is purely informative. Ruta N will announce its offer of entrepreneurship and the processes in which attendees are invited to participate. Therefore, carrying out the Open House does not imply that Ruta N, or any of its participating organizations, have any obligation to support, sponsor or host the projects of the attendees.

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